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Monthly Archives: October 2015

A Life Lesson of Giving: I AM

What we could learn from a man who had it all and then decided he didn’t need it. I was sitting around trying to figure out what I was going to watch on TV for prime time. I came across a documentary that seemed a little interesting. It is called I AM (produced by Tom […]

The Little Things that Make Life Easier

Outsource and Simplify: How I totally took the stress off Hey guys I just wanted to get with you today and share a couple of thoughts that I had I’m making life easier. A couple of things that drive me absolutely crazy is having to mow the lawn myself. It’s not like I have a […]

How to Travel Well when You are Broke

  How to travel on a super thin shoestring budget. ———————————————————— I asked my brother to write an article on traveling on a shoestring budget for me and my readers. Here is what he came up with. A few years back I was hurting for money, so I was looking around and wait to take […]