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How to Travel Well when You are Broke


How to travel on a super thin shoestring budget.


I asked my brother to write an article on traveling on a shoestring budget for me and my readers.

Here is what he came up with.

A few years back I was hurting for money, so I was looking around and wait to take a road trip without staying in hotels.

Granted I’m a male so it really doesn’t matter as much as a female for reasons that I’ll explain in a minute.

So I ended up telling a friend of mine that I wanted to do this, and he says oh I have a friend that does that all the time. You should talk to him.

His name is Andy. I called Andy and asked him how do you travel without staying in hotels?

He said I call it stealth camping. I said stealth what?

Yeah you got it stealth camping. He explained that he had a pretty sophisticated hammock system. It was quite expensive, but it worked really well.(he ended up letting me borrow his).

The idea is that you simply find a spot almost in plain sight LOL and you hang your hammock there and you sleep there for a few hours and then keep moving on.
We talked for a long time about the best places to do this. The next thing I did was I googled stealth camping and I found that there’s a whole genre of the people that do this.

I asked him what his best tips were regarding the subject. He told me that often times if you have dinner in a restaurant where you talk to the manager….and….if you order a big meal and eat well, then asked the manager if it’s all right if you take a nap and your hammock behind the restaurant, often they will comply.

He did say that he had a rule that if anyone ever asked him to leave he would simply comply without complaint. I asked him about rest areas and he told me that they are not always the best because their monitored. But, sometimes if it’s a small rest area you can simply walk into the woods a little ways and hang your Hammock.

However, one of the best places to do it is actually at a boat ramp. He said if you can find one on the map drive to it, and look for around for a place to hang your Hammock.

The reason this works so well is simply because if police come by there they are used to seeing cars parked there overnight because people are out fishing on the lake. It doesn’t really raise an alarm, if you park your car there. They will just assume that your a friend going out on someone’s boat.

If there are absolutely no other cars there then maybe it’s not a good idea that particular boat ramp.

I asked him if he had ever had anything crazy happen to them while doing this. He said no, couple of times he was asked to leave. He did so. One time however, a couple decided to get a little frisky close to his hammock not realizing that he was laying there.

Kind of funny ha ha. Well that’s all for now. Happy stealth camping!

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