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The Little Things that Make Life Easier

Outsource and Simplify: How I totally took the stress off

Hey guys I just wanted to get with you today and share a couple of thoughts that I had I’m making life easier. A couple of things that drive me absolutely crazy is having to mow the lawn myself. It’s not like I have a man around here that can do this stuff.

I am not saying that only men can do it, but it sure would be nice to have a man to help me out a little. 🙂

Do you know what I mean?

So I was sitting out by my pool the other day and I realized that although it is a small pool, it’s a lot of work to maintain it. I searched online to see if I could find a company that would help me out. After going through a few I finally found this company:

I call the company to see if they would be able to help me maintain it. I I didn’t know at the time that I came across a pretty cool group of people. They were super helpful and they really gave me a great price. I mean I want to enjoy my pool not just spend time worrying about how many parts per million and chemicals it needs. I would rather leave that to the pros. My job is just simply swim in it.

I was also able to find a in affordable lawn service to help me out. This way I don’t really have to worry about the yard either. They actually come out and weed. Well, nobody really weeds (at least by had unless it is a huge weed)  but they do spray for weeds.

So now I am perfectly situated to simply be able to enjoy my yard and my pool. I don’t really spend a ton of time and either but if it looks nice although time I probably will.

I know what you’re saying. Oh you can save so much money if you do it yourself. I was looking up a chart to know how to fertilize the lawn and that was pretty much it for me. I was a little overwhelmed and decided to pretty much given up.

You can take a look at the chart yourself and tell me what you think hear this. Yearly Calendar of Lawn Care

It obviously was written by an expert and it was published by the University of Florida. But, by the the second or maybe third page I was seeing blurry lines. It wasn’t because my vision is bad, it just simply was too much to think about if you know what I mean. I would much rather just be able to run across my lawn and swim in my pool and not have to worry about all of this maintenance.

So with today’s post my chief aim is to let you know that you should consider areas in your life where you can outsource the work to other people so that you can enjoy more. What good is life if you feel like all you do is work. You need to feel like you’re always on vacation according to me.

Well you know what I mean. winkie, winkie.

My challenge to you today:

Think about ways that you can some fire your life so that you can enjoy it more. A friend of mine told me the other day that she was going to take a cruise because she just had a friend that died. She realized (because she is getting up there in age too) that if she were dead she would not be able to go on the cruise so she decided to “just” go…. While she still can. And she is still breathing.

Made sense to me.



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