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Bitter Sweet Truth

About US:

You’re here because you want to read up a little bit on who we are. We are a team of entrepreneurs who are committed to challenging the status quo. I’m Asha the one that does most of the blogging here.

But my partners Brittany and Dannelle poke their heads in on here from time to time.

This blog is really about two things.

One, it’s about challenging business norms. We feel that too often, people simply go with the flow when it comes to business. Already just pricing, price gouging sometimes can be a normal thing and some businesses have lost the competitive nature that they were founded on. So, we want to investigate those areas and challenge them.

Two, we look to redefine business paradigms and investigate new models of relating to ourselves and the world around us.

We may spend quite a bit of time examining ways to improve our lives.

We are committed to growth and being a resource to anyone who wants to say “adios” to the status quo.

Come back and visit us to see what types of things we are discovering and sharing.

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